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some like it crunchy

I visited my parents yesterday and I was telling my mom about the amazing smoothie I’ve been having every morning. When I told her the ingredients–which include blackberries and raspberries–she said she wasn’t a big fan of berries because of the texture/seeds. I told her the texture doesn’t bother me a lick–in fact, I’ve been adding chia seeds to my smoothie after blending! I guess some just like it crunchy.

Out of This World Vegan Berry Smoothie
**the key is freezing your fruit. seriously. I didn’t freeze my fruit for a really long time and I don’t know why**
1 cup non-dairy milk (I prefer vanilla soy or almond milk)
1/3 cup raspberries, frozen
1/3 cup blackberries, frozen
1 medium to large banana, frozen
1 tbsp chia seeds (optional)

Blend fruit and milk until smooth. Add chia seeds and stir. Enjoy!

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dreamsicle smoothie

I have taken every day since Monday off from the couch to 5k program and have been battling a wicked case of body shame. When I think of “body shame” what springs to mind first and foremost is young women adjusting to their newfound sexuality, wearing revealing clothing, and being “slut-shamed,” but there is a very different, very real alternate form of body shame going on in my head. I’m angry at my body because I feel like it’s failing me. I feel handicapped by this ankle injury–which isn’t even much of an injury at all because there was no trauma. It’s just wear and tear. I feel much older than I am and I feel regretful for letting myself get to this point. Crying and whining won’t change it, but with a bum ankle, there isn’t much I can do to change it. So, for now, I am throwing myself a pity party. It’s been hard. But my coworker did say that I looked thinner, which made me feel .0001% better (only because I know the truth, that I’ve only lost a measly 5 pounds, but I accepted the compliment as graciously as I could).

In a workout rut and in sort of a cooking rut, I opted to order pad thai tonight instead of trying to cook a vegan version myself. I’d never had pad thai so I decided I’d be better off seeing if I even like it before trying to cook it. Ordering vegan pad thai turned out to be quite an ordeal. My boyfriend placed the order and he asked for “no eggs” and “no fish sauce.” They called him back 10 minutes later and informed him that every sauce they use is already prepared and has fish sauce already in it except for three–teryaki, orange sauce, and sweet & spicy. The pad thai sauce that normally accompanies the meal is a sweet & sour. They subbed in the sweet & spicy for me and added a bunch of veggies. They were very accommodating and I was thankful. But I also just realized the huge amount of fish sauce (and potentially shrimp sauce in my favorite, red thai curry) that I’ve consumed in the past couple of months. Ugh. There’s nothing I can do about it now, and at least now I’m educated, but I hate to be a pain about ordering because I know chefs aren’t too thrilled about changing their recipes for picky customers. This all goes back to the guilt and shame I carry with me–I hate being difficult.

But, the meal was delicious and I have plenty leftover to eat at work tomorrow for lunch.

I leave you with this: I discovered an amazing smoothie concoction that I am deeming the “dreamsicle smoothie” because that’s what it tastes like!

+ = smoothie love

It’s also great with pineapple chunks. Let me know what you think if you try it! I have no measurements to provide–just wing it!

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things that make you go “hmmm…”

I had to take a break from my new workout routine today and here’s why: my. arms. are. sooooooo. sore.

I decided to incorporate some easy weight lifting into my routine because a) it’s good for me and b) I don’t want flabby arms! On Tuesday, I just did two simple arm exercises: lat pull down (which is really more of an upper-back/shoulder exercise) and bicep curls with 10 lb weights. I wrote about how challenging the bicep curls were and the total legitimacy of muscle atrophy and then went on my merry way. I felt totally fine yesterday–no soreness, no nothin’–and figured I’d wake up today, muddle through my workday, and hit the gym again for another easy 20 minute sesh on the recumbent bike and some more weights on my second “off” day from running this week.

Not so fast.

I can barely move my arms today. And I was perplexed, because I always thought you feel sore the day after your workout and your muscles heal and you’re good to go by the next day. That’s why you’re supposed to do weights every other day. Instead, my biceps hate me today. So I got to work and decided to start a little gchat sesh with a coworker who is really into working out. I told her my dilemma and she said “hmm…that’s weird. I’ve never heard of that.” Oh great. So I started to google my symptoms, thinking surely there’s something wrong with me. I mean, I know it’s never lupus, but I figured something diabolical was happening inside my body machine. It turns out this is relatively normal, especially for people who are out of shape and starting a new routine. It’s called delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). Like muscle atrophy, this shit is legit, y’all! Essentially I threw my body into a merry-go-round of confusion. Since I only worked my biceps on Tuesday, I have this debilitating pain to look forward to when I start working on my triceps. Awesome sauce. This is also why, the day after my first running day, I felt fine–but then I was miserable the next two days. My body just needs to learn how to adapt to all this newfangled fitness mumbo jumbo.

So, feeling like a big giant failure, I made the executive decision to skip out on the gym completely today. I am not kidding when I say it hurts to even hold my arms out straight. My biceps are so tight and I’m fairly certain they’ve swelled to some degree because the area surrounding my elbows is tender and just doesn’t want to budge. Eff. This sucks. I want to feel better tomorrow so I can take advantage of the weights at the gym after I do my third and final running day of Week 2 of the couch to 5k, but I don’t really think my muscles will feel better by then. It might be best to wait this out until next week and try, try, try again.

On the one hand, this all sounds well and good because “no pain, no gain,” but on the other hand it’s frustrating as hell because I want to get on my routine and I feel like I have to clear all these roadblocks first. Another aspect to this all is the shame I feel for letting my body get so lazy that merely 3 sets of 10 bicep curls has crippled me. Sigh. I have faith that my body will adjust, though–after my initial two first days of soreness after running, my legs have felt totally fine and I’ve been able to keep up my routine. I really hope my arms will follow suit.

I rewarded my aching bod with my favorite meal, red thai curry, and another peanut butter chocolate smoothie. Ahhhh, food: the magical elixir.

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guilt-free chocolate PB smoothie

(Points for me because the title of this post is so rhyme-y!)

I’m not having the happiest of weeks. I’m just generally feeling pretty blase about things. The couch to 5k is kicking my ass already and I’m only in week 2, work is boring, things are just ick all the way around. After barely making it through my workout this afternoon (I had to literally talk myself into even going to the gym at all–I knew if I skipped out today, I’d never make it back) all I wanted to do was eat take-out and chocolate.

Fortunately, I had a brilliant idea that would allow all of those things to happen, and more!, while still sticking to my healthy-diet-blah-blah. Chipotle vegan tacos and a homemade vegan chocolate peanut butter smoothie. Excuse me while I squeal in excitement. eeee!

I love smoothies. I have been having one every morning for breakfast since I got my new blender. But I have not experimented with unhealthy smoothies (or in this case, smoothies that sound unhealthy but aren’t). Everything has been pretty status quo thus far…fruit, kale, soy milk, I’ve been throwing some silken tofu in to mix things up–nothing unnaturally sweet and everything has been very nutritious.

But why oh why would I deprive myself of chocolate?

Behold: The Guilt-Free Vegan Chocolate PB Smoothie (omnivore-approved!)

1 banana
1 cup soymilk (or milk substitute of your choosing)
1 serving Nasoya silken tofu (about 1/5 package)
2 tbsp natural creamy peanut butter
2 tbsp cocoa powder
approx. 1 tsp vanilla extract
agave nectar to taste

Blend this sucker up and you’ve got yourself the healthiest of the smoothies with “chocolate” and “peanut butter” in their names! I initially left out the agave nectar but because the boyfriend and I were splitting this and he wasn’t thrilled with the lack of sweetness, I ended up putting just a little bit in. It wasn’t too sweet and it certainly hit the spot.

(no need for fancy presentation–the taste is big enough to hold its own)

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pasta, pasta, pasta!

I’ve been eating a ridiculous amount of pasta the past two days. Carbo overload! Yesterday’s chickpea piccata turned into today’s lunch, and then I borrowed ANOTHER recipe from Turning Veganese–vegan alfredo! So yummy and satisfying. And super bizarre that the protein content of the recipe all resided in the sauce. I’m still getting used to these vegan oddities.

Super delicious and I’ll be eating another heaping serving for lunch tomorrow. It’s a good thing I’m still keeping up with my workout routine or else I’d have to feel really guilty about all the pasta I’ve been consuming!

I also rewarded myself when I got home from my workout with a beer (yikes, that’s a bad habit). I need to start looking up calories BEFORE finishing the beer because man oh man, my beer was 200 cals! At least I only had one. And at least the UFO Hefeweizen I consumed was vegan (I think), which I was unsure of since I couldn’t locate it on Barnivore. I went straight to the source and visited the Harpoon website, which had this to say:

3. Is Harpoon beer suitable for vegans and vegetarians?

Yes, the only animal products used in beer production is isinglass (which is a dried swim bladder of a tropical fish from the Sea of China) or gelatin. These products are used typically in the production of ‘cask’ ales, the unfiltered ones served through a beer engine at bars that cater to beer connoisseurs. They’re very, very rarely used otherwise, although some brewers will use them to prepare a particularly hazy beer for filtration. At Harpoon, we never use either for our regularly produced beers.

So I don’t know… the beer WAS unfiltered, and they’re saying they don’t use isinglass/gelatin, but I suppose this statement could be open to interpretation. And, shucks, my favorite beers are the unfiltered ones. I don’t like the sound of this. 😦

I have a little bit of silken tofu left over from the sauce I made, and since I’ve never used the stuff before tonight, I’m saving it so I can experiment with smoothies this weekend! I already made my smoothie for tomorrow’s breakfast (I make my smoothie when I get home, freeze until I go to bed, then stick in the fridge and it’s the perfect temperature and consistency when I drink it at 6:30 am!) but I’ll see what I can whip up on Saturday morning in the smoothie department. I’m warming to the magic bullet, especially after the success of the alfredo sauce this evening. I’ve found that the kale in my smoothie combination blends really well if I give it time, but I’ve been adding blueberries the past two days and the blueberry skins never really blend. Ah well. It’s just fiber. 🙂

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