weight loss challenge update

I recently wrote about the weight loss challenge my boyfriend and I are doing together. We took a hint from The Biggest Loser and decided a more fair measurement would be percentage weight lost rather than weight in pounds. Unsurprisingly, he won last week (but only by 0.2%!) and this meant he was able to dole out a week-long punishment to me. He said it was difficult to find a punishment because I’m (usually) so healthy, but he zeroed in on my one weakness aside from sweets (which, let’s be honest, he’s probably saving for next time): coffee.

The punishment: No coffee on days I don’t work out. Obviously, the end goal here is to make me work out every day this week so I can have my precious coffee. Maybe this doesn’t sound like a big deal to you, but I start each and every work day with a 22 oz humungous travel mug full o’ joe. I have this vision in my head that me without coffee = trainwreck. It’s probably much more psychological and much less based in fact, but I don’t chance it! I have never, since starting my professional life, forgotten my coffee in the morning. I actually set my coffee pot the night before and have it on a 6:30 am timer. This saves me money and calories I’d otherwise be spending at the Starbucks in my office building. I don’t think I’m really addicted to caffeine, per se…but how would I know, seeing as I haven’t gone a day without it in years? I think it’s more that I’ve always consumed coffee is a treat. It’s a warm, soothing beverage I like to enjoy and on particularly bad days in the past, I’d treat myself with an afternoon Starbucks. Coffee is a little reward I allow myself each day, much the same as people reward themselves with a few squares of dark chocolate, or a cookie, or an after work drink.

So, I didn’t work out Saturday or Sunday (big surprise). I didn’t even work out yesterday (it was Memorial Day, after all!) but he surprised me with a soy latte anyway and chalked it up to a “holiday treat” (can you see why we’ve had trouble losing weight in the past?) Today, I dragged my butt to the gym and suffered through my first workout in two weeks. The flaw in the system is that I consume my coffee in the morning but don’t work out until the afternoon. In theory, I could easily have my coffee and just decide not to exercise after work–but that wouldn’t be fair.

I got home and curiously stepped on the scale, knowing I wasn’t going to like the number after my weekend cupcake binge. The verdict: I’m up three pounds since Friday. Ugh. But, there are factors to consider, like I normally weigh myself in the morning before eating and today I weighed myself after eating all of my meals. I’ve historically had a difficult time keeping weight off. The minute I slip up, the weight comes crashing back to my belly. It’s always belly weight, too, which is apparently the worst place to carry extra weight because of all the increased health issues, like cardiovascular disease. I envy women that pack weight onto their thighs or butts. It seems like a better location for extra poundage–me, I’ve always carried around a spare tire.

This week will be a difficult one just to break even, much less lose. We’ll see who comes out victorious on Friday!

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8 thoughts on “weight loss challenge update

  1. bjones1031 says:

    As for your ‘non’ addiction to coffee, the first step is admitting you have a problem. Just kidding. I understand the joy of coffee too. What a cool concept to play biggest loser with each other. I shudder to think what my boyfriend would make me do if I lost though.

    • Ha! I definitely had to set ground rules–like, this HAS to be somehow related to weight loss/eating. He threw out a couple of other options like “you must give me a shoulder massage for one hour every night this week”–sorry buddy, that’s not what I agreed to!

      • bjones1031 says:

        That is exactly the kind of ‘stringent workout routine’ my boyfriend would ask for. Ground rules. Ground rules are good. πŸ™‚

  2. Tim says:

    No coffee as a punishment for not working out?? How could you do such a thing to yourself! haha Keep up the good work!

    • I know it doesn’t sound like that much of a punishment, but trust me, I’m up at 5:30 every day. Coffee is a MUST!

      • Tim says:

        No, I’m agreeing with you. I live on coffee when I’m at work. I think if they tested my blood type it would be starbucks.

    • Melissa says:

      I’m pretty sure I would stage a revolution in my house (rise up, cats and dog!) against my boyfriend if he made a ‘no coffee’ rule. That said, if we were doing a challenge like you and your bf and that was the rule, I would get my butt to the gym every day after work so I could have my morning joe…

      And believe me, he would suffer when I got home. Suffer so much…

      Haha, I take coffee a little too seriously… πŸ˜€

      • and I totally wasn’t feeling well after work and skipped my workout, which should mean no coffee tomorrow, but he pitied me when he saw my face and is allowing an exception (which is totally unfair, I realize). I’m pretty sure he’s going to win our weigh-in tomorrow because my Memorial Day food binge resulted in pounds gained rather than lost… so I wonder what’s up his evil sleeve this time! :/

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