I have a dear friend who is vacationing in Hawaii. Today she willingly jumped out of a plane and floated to safety to the island of Kauai. Skydiving never interested me until today. Her pictures are beautiful. It may only be a minute of freefall followed by five minutes of floating, but I have to imagine that the adrenaline rush makes it all so worth it.

Skydiving is something my boyfriend has been talking about for quite some time. Did you know you have to weigh under 200 lbs? You can weigh up to 240, but most skydiving locations will charge an additional price per pound over 200–usually $2 per pound. My boyfriend is currently over 200, but I think he has a brand new motivation for his weight loss journey.

While she took a risk by jumping out of a plane today, I took a risk by chopping off some hair. I’ve been bored with my hairstyle and now I have a shorter ‘do. An inverted bob! Just call me Victoria Beckham. Now too short to pull back into a ponytail, I envision a hot summer–and very hot workouts. Sometimes I don’t always think things through. It was nice to see all the hair on the salon floor: I feel lighter.

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