getting back on track

I’m adjusting back into my normal routine and I’m not happy about it. Waking up at 5:45 am without the promise of a flight to San Francisco or a trip to Yosemite on the other end of things is just not fun. I arrived at work to a full inbox of 226 messages and I’m happy to report that it only took me an hour and a half to catch back up with my work life. My coworker handled all the urgent fires that came my way for the past week and for that, I owe her big! It’s bittersweet to be back home. I missed my kitties while I was vacationing but now I miss the bay, the sea, walking everywhere, getting a taste of city life…I truly hate living in the suburbs. I secretly wish my office would move to the city so it would make financial sense for me to move as well. Oh, woe. I love the city and I love the country but I do hate the ‘burbs. They’re sleepy and safe but lacking in the adventure department big time.

Being back means the bane of my existence: my sedentary commuter lifestyle. I am so inactive at home. I have nowhere to go and no excuse to get a good walk in anywhere. After work today, I threw myself a little pity party and skipped the gym and came home to enjoy a beer instead. This is a vice of mine. I’ve really got to find a happy medium. I’m too young to feel this old. I found a new gray hair in San Francisco and realized that time is ticking. I don’t want to wake up in ten years never having done any of the things I wanted to do. So, this means I’m currently in the throes of planning another trip–a long weekend around my birthday in July to visit friends who moved to Philly this past year. Flights into NYC are much cheaper than Philadelphia so we’ll meet them there, do a day in New York, and then take the bus to Philly for two or three days. It will be wonderful, and very cheap compared to our San Francisco trip. It gives me something wonderful to look forward to. It seems we all need plans to look forward to in order to get through the humdrum waiting game that most of our lives tend to be. These past two years since I’ve graduated have slipped by in record speed. My life is not very spontaneous. I sleep, wake, work, and sleep again. I’m lucky to have found an interest in cooking since adopting my vegan lifestyle, so that keeps things interesting on those days that I need a mini adventure. I’m hungry for more though. I want to be the interesting person I know I can be. I’d like to take up a new, creative hobby–knitting, perhaps? (With vegan yarn, of course.) Any suggestions are welcome. I used to consider myself artsy but lately the well has run dry.

I gained two pounds on vacation so I’m jumping back into my healthy eating/working out regimen tomorrow. I needed a couple of days to readjust before re-embarking on my journey. This means there should be new food pics and new recipes soon, with any luck. I have a list of veggies I want to try (chard comes to mind–I’ve never had it!) This will mean more frequent updates. And I should really look at registering for a 5k so I have a true goal to work toward on that front.

Did you ever take a trip that changed your life?

What were you like at age 24 (or if you’re younger than me–how do you hope to be at age 24)?

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2 thoughts on “getting back on track

  1. vegancharlie says:

    Vegan knitting sounds like a great idea. I wanted to take that up this summer I still plan on it. I’m only 22 but I understand what you mean. I haven’t graduated yet but I am ready to get out into the working world… it is scary though because whats after school? I’ve been in school all my life I wont know what to do when i’m done. So i totally understand your feeling. you are still young though I am sure things will change if you let them. Maybe try some local vegan potlucks or a local animal rights group.

  2. Melissa says:

    Thank you so much for posting this! I’m so glad I’m not the only one who feels that way… seriously, doing new things (be it meeting new people, trying new foods, or, my favorite, traveling) is the only way I feel ‘alive.’ To my boyfriend, it sounds crazy, because he’s a homebody, but traveling is the number one way for me to feel happy. If I don’t have a trip planned on the horizon, I get really antsy and unhappy. I even live in a city! Well… technically I ‘live’ in the ‘burbs but at least my work is in the city, so at lunch and after work, I can do ‘city’ things (happy hours, urban markets, etc.)

    Age 24 for me was a scant year ago, but it wasn’t that bad. I was in school (grad school, which I only kinda sorta miss) and I was in a big city (Denver), and I was definitely on a good career trajectory. When it was all over (my 24th year AND school), I got the job I wanted and had studied for, which was great… but all in all, I have to say 24 was one of my most stressful years because uncertainty was constantly plaguing me… if that makes sense? Haha, rambling again!

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