San Francisco, here I come!

This may well be my final blog post before I leave for my trip. Our flight is at 8:35 am at good ole Midway Airport on Saturday morning. This means we’ll be up at the sun-shiney hour of 5 am. Oh boy! I should be packing but I’ll let you in on a little secret: I am terrible at packing. I am usually terrible at planning for vacation in general. This time, however, I have researched San Francisco to the point of feeling as though I could legit pass a culture and geography exam. Yesterday I was so tired–my eyes were burning from hours staring at a computer screen just reading and reading for the past week. Did you ever study super hard for an exam in high school or college and then reach the point of no return? Where you still have, say, 2 hours before the exam, but you feel like your brain couldn’t possibly hold any more information so you decide to take those 2 hours to breathe and then just show up and wing it? That’s pretty much how I feel. I couldn’t possibly read another article about the city. I’m ready to go!

All it comes down to now is the whole packing thing. Tomorrow after work, I will be a busy bee. I have to drop off my beautiful little kitties at my parents’ house, which means they kind of get their own little vacation, and then it’s time to finish packing and then the waiting game begins. I will probably not get a wink of sleep, which is kind of a major bummer seeing as I find it impossible to sleep on planes–and then we’ll be gaining two hours. I imagine I’ll be feeling pure exhaustion by 5 pm Saturday. I probably should have planned a more lowkey day but I’m anticipating getting a second wind after we land. We plan on seeing Haight Ashbury, the Twin Peaks, Golden Gate Park, the remains of the Sutro Bathhouse, and nomming some delicious vegan cuisine at the very least on Saturday. We’ll see where else we end up. The real fun, and the part I’m most excited about, is our daytrip to Yosemite on Monday. It will be a long, long day. It’s really the whole reason we’re going to San Francisco in the first place. I’m a sucker for natural beauty and mountainous terrain.

I almost feel guilty for not working out at all this week, and I know I’ll feel extreme guilt when I indulge in delicious food and drink, but it should all balance out given the amount of walking we’ll be doing. We’re going to try to walk everywhere, except for through the gritty, seedy parts. There’s transit for that. Sore legs and tired feet, here we come!

I’m hoping to have lots to report on all the delicious vegan food I eat. I’ve pinpointed all the restaurants I want to try and, god willing, I should have some delicious-looking food pics when I return. Until then, stay classy!

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3 thoughts on “San Francisco, here I come!

  1. Have a blast! Jealous about your trip to Yosemite!

  2. Bananan says:

    You rock!

  3. Melissa says:

    You’re going to have so much fun!! And even though you’re totally going to be safe and everything will be fine (my prediction :)), if you have to run from creepy people, it will be extra exercise! Look on the bright side! 🙂

    But seriously, you’re going to have a lovely time. Have a safe flight and take lots of pics! And don’t check your blog!!! Just enjoy your vacation 🙂

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