c25k update

I’ve been cooking new meals but I have neglected to take any decent photos, so this post will not be about that. But for the record, I made vegan stroganoff this week (very tasty!), and caribbean coconut rice w/ chickpeas and broccoli (this was tasty but I sort of ruined it by adding a touch too much cayenne pepper–my mouth was on fire! I also don’t think I’m a big fan of ginger and this called for a whole tbsp of ground ginger). I used my Upton’s Naturals chorizo seitan for the MOST delicious tofu scramble I’ve cooked to date. I wish I had photos! It was to die for. It was the talk of work when I brought my leftovers for breakfast. I love when my coworkers are intrigued by my meals. They are always telling me how delicious my food looks and smells, and they’re always shocked to find out the ingredients. One of my coworkers even told me I’ve inspired her to include more veggies into her meals. I love that! πŸ™‚

I’m chugging along with the c25k program. I decided to abandon the regimen and go it alone. I finally “graduated” week 5, finally running 20 minutes straight. I’ve really, really slowed my pace, which I’m okay with. Speed and time will come later. Right now, I’m really just trying to bump up my endurance. Being able to run for 20 minutes was a huge accomplishment for me, even if my pace is barely a step above a brisk walk. I’m going to try to add a couple minutes to each run until I get to 30 minutes. Then I’ll start bumping up my speed by a tenth of a MPH until I get back up to my original pace. I will get there. I will not give up. (However, I only ran twice this week and only worked out three times total. My boss let us leave an hour and a half early yesterday and I decided to go home and relax rather than go to the gym…and then I ate way too much food and called it a day.) I’m taking my run outside today for the first time. I’m anticipating crashing and burning. It’s much easier on a treadmill. We’ll see how it goes. I’m lucky I live in the great-freakin’-plains and I won’t be dealing with any inclines. Just flat terrain here in Illinois.

We’re leaving for San Francisco on April 21. For anyone who’s been: what restaurants do you suggest for vegans? I plan on doing some research but I thought I’d mention it here in case anyone has any brilliant suggestions.

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6 thoughts on “c25k update

  1. Thanks for trying my recipe…easy does it with the cayenne next time πŸ™‚

  2. Hooray for sticking to it – and doing it in your own way! I’m no SF expert, but I was just there so can highly recommend Millennium (vegan), though it’s on the “splurge” side of things. I didn’t make it to any of the other spots I wanted to, but folks recommended Herbivore, Gracias Madre and Cafe Gratitude. Richgail at ASTIGVegan (http://astigvegan.com/) would be happy to give you some ideas, too. She’s awesome and knows her vegan eats in SF! Have fun!

  3. I second Millenium! I am jealous that you are going to SF. Take pics so I can live vicariously through your blog.

  4. Melissa says:

    I just want to let you know you’ve inspired me to put the Run to 5k app back on my phone and start using it… running for 20 minutes? I am SUPER impressed and proud of you!! And determined now to do it myself πŸ™‚ Inspiration!! πŸ™‚

    • Thanks! My outside running didn’t compete with my treadmill running, unfortunately…the treadmill is a sneaky little beeyotch! I lasted less than 10 minutes straight outside 😦 I’ll get there eventually!

  5. […] of the lovely Vegan Charlie, I was recently reminded of how delicious coconut rice is. My last foray with coconut rice got a little off track–I went a little nuts with the cayenne pepper and the dish was almost […]

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