vegan cupcakes take over the world

I have completely fallen off the diet wagon and have decided to hop back on…tomorrow. Well, okay, later today. Starting at dinner time. I’ve been feeling sorry for myself because my ankle has prevented me from working out but I think it’s getting better and that means it’s time to get my food situation in check, too.

Since we both took tomorrow off, today has been Sunday Funday! We went to the book store and I found it, I finally found it!

My boyfriend was kind enough to buy this for me as an “I’m sorry this weekend has pretty much sucked for you” gift. It was between this and Isa’s cookie book. It was a hard, hard decision but the cupcakes won out by just a smidge. Was this going to sit in my kitchen untouched? Um, no! I obviously had to try out a recipe.

I picked the cookies ‘n cream cupcake recipe which is a variation of her “Basic Chocolate Cupcake.” I realized when I was already mid-frosting that I did not have nearly enough confectioners sugar but decided to wing it. The frosting wasn’t perfect as a result and I actually have a little bit of a tummyache now because it called for nonhydrogenated shortening but I could only find hydrogenated (probably mostly because I’ve never purchased shortening before and had no idea what I was looking for). But the cupcakes are beauties. Just beauties! I really do love me a coarse frosting that can be spread with a spatula because pastry bags and piping tips and I just do not get along.

Isa really is a genius, which most vegans with a sweet tooth have known for years (I’m a little late to the party). I ate three of these bad boys before the tummyache came on. I really do have a problem soothing myself with food. After I stopped by my parents’ today, told my mom about my ankle, and she came back with “I don’t think it’s really swollen,” I decided maybe I’ve been making this into something it’s not. Time to jump back on the wagon!

Preoccupied by spitting venom in my last post about CPK, I forgot to mention my other rant of the day. I attended a St. Patrick’s Day/80th birthday party yesterday, which I’d been secretly dreading because I knew about it much sooner than I knew about the baby shower (which turned out to be a vegan disaster). I’d been thinking that this would be my first big social function as a vegan and I was unsure how to navigate. I obviously had a dry run at the baby shower a couple weeks ago and that ended pretty badly so I started to worry even more about the party. Luckily, there were plenty of people there and very little chance that anyone would question what I was (or wasn’t) eating. But of course, when we went up to get food, the hostess was right in front of us, paying very close attention to the fact that I wasn’t grabbing a plate–I was just putting the few things I thought were safe to eat on my boyfriend’s plate. When we said goodbye at the end of the night, she mentioned that it looked like I didn’t eat at all. Ugh, what do you say to that?

They were expecting quite a few guests and the party was catered. An assistant came to set up the food and help clean up and she was in the kitchen when we were putting together our plate. I asked my boyfriend to ask on my behalf about the carrots because I figured they were probably buttered. I didn’t want to draw attention to myself since the hostess was right there, so that’s why I volunteered him to ask. This was her response, which I can hardly believe: “I have no idea, I didn’t make the food.” You what? You don’t know anything about the food? What? You were hired to warm the food and be a representative of wherever this food was catered from. You are employed by the catering company. And you don’t know anything about the food? After the CPK incident, that was the last thing I wanted to hear. I’m realizing what a long and lonely road ahead this veganism will be.

Needless to say, I did not eat any carrots.

I realize I am a very small minority but again, like my complaint about the waitress at CPK, if you are a representative of a company or restaurant and you are the only person I can be in direct contact with, I expect you to be knowledgeable of the food your company or restaurant has provided.

(Oh, also. It really sucks when you’re the one person at a St. Paddy’s Day party that can’t take an Irish car bomb.)

But I’m going to jump off my soap box now. Too much strife for one weekend! I’m going to try to enjoy the beautiful, unseasonably warm weather and my extra day off tomorrow. Adios!

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One thought on “vegan cupcakes take over the world

  1. Kinenchen says:

    1. It’s never too late to get back on the wagon.
    2. Your body is designed to handle an occasional binge.
    3. I’m so sorry about the CPK incident. I hope your next experience eating out is better.
    4. My other half and I enjoy our vegan version of the Irish car bomb (just don’t order them that way if you ever go to Ireland… ask for an Irish freedom maker). It’s 1/2 can or bottle of Guinness and a shot of half almond milk and half creme de cacao. Enjoy as normal. We call this drink a “Kaboo Flower” based on a fictional drink from a SciFi series we were enjoying when we created it.

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