big burger

For the first time in five weeks, I am taking an off day. Granted I’m only working out 3-4 times a week, so it’s not like I haven’t had any down time, but I’ve stuck very rigidly to my Monday-Wednesday-Friday running days but unfortunately, I couldn’t make it today. After I posted about shin splints on Monday, I asked my boyfriend if he’d be ever-so-kind as to rub some icy hot on the culprits. When we lifted my pant leg up, we saw that my left ankle was double its size–nearly softball sized! My right ankle was a little swollen, but not nearly as bad. I thought back to a couple weeks ago when I was running on the treadmill and slightly sprained my ankle (which I just laughed off at the time, because who sprains their ankle on a treadmill?) I decided it’s quite likely that my ankles have been swelling through this whole program and I had no idea because I never thought to examine them. Yikes.

So I promptly iced and elevated it and went to bed early. I went to work yesterday and it was a little tender, but it’s not like I had a limp. I couldn’t work out after work because I had a dentist appointment and I had to volunteer at the pet store’s adoption room, so I figured I’d get back to my run on Wednesday. This morning, my ankles (both) were a tad bit sore, but as the day wore on, I was feeling much more comfortable in my gait. It was a last minute decision to skip out on the work out just because I thought I could use an extra day. I don’t want to worsen an injury that will keep me from the program for even longer. But for all intents and purposes, I felt totally fine.

When I got home, my apartment was blazing hot (it was nearly 80 today!–in Chicago, in March!) so I stripped off my pants to put on some comfy shorts and saw that my ankle was even more swollen today. What gives? It definitely hurts much less. I have to wonder, because my left knee is a little sore, too, if my ACL reconstructive surgery I had 8 years ago is at all playing into this. I don’t know much about the body but I know my left knee is taking this pretty hard–I wonder if somehow that forces some swelling as far south as my ankle? I don’t know. I’m just thinking out loud.

So instead of resuming tomorrow, I may be taking the whole rest of the week off. I’m really, really bummed about this because it’s beautiful weather and I even considered walking or running outside after work until I saw the swelling. Blah. I’m mentally driven but feel like my body is failing me. I’m angry and saddened that at 23, my body is so susceptible to problems. This doesn’t bode well for me as I age.

I didn’t feel much like cooking when I got home but I had a pretty big appetite. I decided to make not one but two vegan burger patties, resulting in the BIGGEST BURGER of ALL TIME. I’ve had some Morningstar patties in the fridge for days like these. I’m not crazy about them (I miss the “grillers prime” but those aren’t vegan) so I loaded up my bun with all sorts of veggies and a little bit of vegan mayo and I added a handful of daiya to the burgers as they cooked to mask their less-than-desirable flavor.

Behold, monster burger:

I unabashedly consumed it in its entirety. Don’t judge me.

I’m off to ice my ankle, I guess. Blah.

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2 thoughts on “big burger

  1. Monster burger, indeed! That’s the kind of burger you have to eat alone cuz you don’t want anyone to see you trying to get it into your mouth ;-)! Sorry about the ankle woes. Hope you solve the problem soon!

  2. Kinenchen says:

    There is no shame in delicious food. Enjoy and hope all those nutrients heal you up in short order.

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