feel the burn

I’m beginning to think my fancy new running shoes are causing more grief than good. The reason I bought them was because of some mild discomfort in my ankles and knees when running–it seemed obvious to me that this was due to poor running shoes and I needed an upgrade. So I bought running shoes that are full of good support (I can feel it, really!), but today I experienced a common little side effect: shin splints. Burning, awful shin splints. I have avoided them up until now, but now my workouts are upping the ante and I’m running for more prolonged periods.

It seems the longer I run at one time, the worse my shins feel. And it doesn’t really go away during the walking recovery. In fact, I’d say it’s worse during my recovery walks. I almost gave up on my workout entirely today, but decided the only option was to tough through it. By the end of my workout, the pain was markedly lessened–either that, or the pain had a numbing effect on my stupid little legs. I have yet to decide.

Today was three running periods of five minutes each. Wednesday will be two running periods of eight minutes. Friday is the make-or-break day: 20 straight minutes. I thought my biggest issue was my breathing–because I normally don’t feel much pain, fatigue, or discomfort in my legs at all, it’s really just the breathing that trips me up. Now that the breathing is more under control, I have the shin splints to tackle. It’s always something! Can’t I just have a good workout that leaves me feeling good and accomplished? It seems I always have some ailment to complain about.

I wonder if I should give my old shoes a go and see if that cures the problem. I’d rather feel mild knee and ankle discomfort than the shins-on-fire feeling I battled today.

If you have any suggestions or home remedy tips, I’m all ears.

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4 thoughts on “feel the burn

  1. Oy, shin splints suck! Are you running on pavement? Do you have flat feet or high arches? You may want to back off a little to let your legs heal. Running through the pain could cause other problems (since you are probably running differently to deal with the pain, hence throwing other muscles off). Cross train to stick to your goals.

    • I’m running on a treadmill, actually, so I’m surprised by this. My feet aren’t flat but I don’t have a particularly high arch, either–I’d say I have pretty normally-arched feet. šŸ˜‰ I noticed after I posted that my left ankle is HUGE so I iced it and have been elevating it. You’re right, I might have to take a few days off…I’m not supposed to run again until Wednesday but if I still have swelling, I’m not even going to attempt running. I’d rather be safe than sorry! I’ll stick with something easy on the joints like the elliptical or the recumbent bike for the remainder of this week if I have to.

  2. […] running days but unfortunately, I couldn’t make it today. After I posted about shin splints on Monday, I asked my boyfriend if he’d be ever-so-kind as to rub some icy hot on the […]

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