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As I mentioned in my last post, there was a lot of food made for my small gathering of four last night. I made salsa, quinoa black bean dip, buffalo fried seitan with vegan ranch, four individual-sized pita pizzas, cookies, and my friends brought a veggie tray with hummus. I thought for sure I would have a ton leftover. I should’ve known better! There was virtually nothing leftover aside from some quinoa black bean dip and a few cookies. The veggie tray was mostly finished off, but I sent what little was left home with my friends last night. The most satisfying part is that my friend’s husband, an omnivore, ate almost ALL of the buffalo seitan and vegan ranch. He loved it! That, to me, is the biggest compliment. He also loved the vegan cookies. I’m so pleased!

I meant to take a picture of ALL the food but unfortunately, in my haste, I didn’t capture it all. I do have a few photos though…

fresh salsa (I used this recipe minus the serano chiles)

quinoa black bean dip (I used this recipe and served cold)

rocky road cookies (I used this recipe and subbed in macademia nuts in place of peanuts)

Unpictured: four pita pizzas, buffalo fried seitan with vegan ranch, veggies, hummus, and of course, beer.

I may have eaten two cookies for breakfast this morning. But then we went on a 35 minute walk so I don’t feel too bad. It’s been about four days of lots of good food (too good) so it’s back to the grind tomorrow. If only food wasn’t so darn tasty!

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4 thoughts on “food & friends

  1. Your photos are gorgeous! Congrats on making a carnivore happy! No small accomplishment.

  2. The rocky road cookies look AWESOME. I’ll have to save that recipe so that I can try and make them when I’m not swamped with classes, haha!

  3. I could use one of those rocky road cookies right now.

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