zomg running shoes yayayay!

I recently wrote about these shoes.

It went from a pie-in-the-sky, no-way-can-I-afford-those-shoes kind of a dream. But then I slowly but surely convinced myself that these shoes were a necessity for the welfare of my running. They’re flashy. They’re proper running shoes. They’re lightweight. And for all intents and purposes, I am pretty sure they are vegan-friendly. It was a match made in heaven!

So I went to the New Balance website at work the other day…oh, woe! Size 8 were suddenly sold out. Say what? So I grumbled about it at my desk and my coworker suggested I check out Zappos. No luck, size 8s were sold out everywhere. Another coworker suggested Amazon. And I thought, Amazon has shoes? I mean, that’s a silly question, Amazon has everything, but I just never thought to look for shoes. So I searched, and lo and behold, they had them, and not only did they have them, they had them for $10 cheaper, PLUS free shipping! A sign from the gods. I ordered these suckers up. They were set to arrive some time next week so I just kind of forgot about them.

Meanwhile, I trudged through my third and final running day of the C25k Week 3. I felt like complete ass at work today. I was sure I was coming down with a cold or flu or something. I haven’t been sick with a cold or flu in over a year so it’s bound to happen eventually. I didn’t want to bail on my workout because I have no way of getting my third workout in without access to the office gym over the weekend (running outside is out of the question for two reasons…1) snow, and 2) I’m so not ready for that challenge yet). I wound up forcing myself to go with the mindset that if it’s too hard and I start wheezing, I’ll just stop, but at least I tried.

You should know something about me. Every day I try to talk myself out of my workout from the first sound of my alarm. My typical day goes a little something like this…

5:45 am: alarm sounds. oh hell no. snooze alarm.
5:55 am: alarm sounds. there is no way in hell I am working out today. too. too. tired.
7:30 am: driving to work. maybe with some coffee today won’t be so bad.
11:00 am: okay, fully caffeinated, I will totally get through today’s workout.
1:00 pm: post-lunch slump. oh hell no.
3:00 pm: second wind! going to eat this here banana and get ready for the workout at 4.
4:00 pm: walking to the gym. why do I have to work out today? why as a society have we gotten to the point that we have to participate in an organized cardio schedule to maintain our weight? why can’t I live somewhere pedestrian-friendly and get my exercise as a part of a daily active life? why can’t I be one of those people who gets a runner’s high? why do I HATE running? why am I so bad at running? I hope the gym isn’t busy. why does the guy at the security desk always say hi to me every day? can’t he see I’m not interested in his small talk? I’m clearly on a mission here.
4:05 pm: in the locker room. well, I’m here. best get going.

Yeah…it’s a daily struggle. This is my inner dialogue every. single. day.

So I got through my workout and it was hard. I wasn’t feeling well and I wanted to get out of there before the snow really started to come down. My shins were hurting, my ankles were sore, and I thought to the Week 4 workout and how it’s going to kick my ass. I’ve read so many testimonials where people had to repeat Week 4 three or four times and I don’t want to fail. And I also thought how badly I could use those new shoes I ordered for my aching, improperly-supported feet and legs, but they weren’t set to arrive until March 9, well after the point in which I’d need them most.

But then something magical happened.

They had been delivered! And now I have these flashy, comfy, supportive new running shoes that I can’t wait to test out on Monday! I’m sure I’ll still have the inner dialogue, but at least I can remind myself that the shoes make everything better.

In non-workout news, I’ve started to “come out” as vegan to my coworkers and more importantly, my family. I’ll have to write about that tomorrow. It deserves a post of its own. Happy Friday!

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4 thoughts on “zomg running shoes yayayay!

  1. Kinenchen says:

    Whatever motivates you, do it! Quality running shoes are WAY cheaper than the costs of not looking after yourself. Makes me think I need new workout gear… 🙂

    • it’s a nice little pick-me-up to have cute shoes to look forward to wearing. I put them on and hopped around my apartment, they are SO supportive, WAY better than what I’ve been wearing! I’m almost halfway through my training and this was exactly what I needed. 🙂 people should definitely not buy cute workout stuff that isn’t practical, but these are flashy AND practical and make me excited to run, so it’s win-win 🙂

  2. Yep, whatever it takes! Those little motivators get you over the bumps until you find yourself craving workouts. It does happen!

    • I’ve noticed that I do have times where I’m excited to work out, it’s just that I have an equal number of times where I’m trying to talk myself out of it. I don’t know why I do all this self-sabotaging! I guess the important thing is that I’m ignoring that voice in my head that keeps telling me I’ll fail and I’m still showing up at the gym every day. You’re right, it takes a while but the eagerness and enthusiasm does happen!

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