weird sleep —> weird dreams

My boyfriend’s hours are a bit strange. The majority of the time, he works 8 to 4:30, but every once in a while, he’s on late duty (11:30 to 8), and even more rare, he has to work Saturdays. This is one of those Saturdays. Since we tend to spend every freakin’ waking moment together, it’s nice to have evenings and Saturdays few and far between where I can just do whatever the heck I want. Should I have been productive today? Yes. Was I? No. I woke up at 8, made a smoothie, nommed it, then thought I really need to go to the bank today, but man am I getting tired again. I set my alarm for a reasonable hour that would still allow me time to shower and get to the bank before they close at 1:00, but then I kept snoozing my alarm because sleep felt soooo good. I woke up off and on (enough times to play a few words in Words with Friends) and then didn’t decide to get up for good until noon. Oh man. I haven’t slept like that in a looonnngggg time. I feel so refreshed!

But in the midst of all this sleep, I had a vegan nightmare. Yes, you heard me. We were heading to a sub place and I had to make a special order because everything had cheese or non-vegan dressings and for some reason, while I was in the middle of my order, they handed me some sort of salady looking thing–it was fresh spinach leaves with what looked like thousand island dressing–and I started absent-mindedly eating it while completing my order and then it occurred to me: this tastes creamy. this tastes cheesey. this is NOT! VEGAN! And then I was torn because I was all omg I want to keep eating this sooooo bad but the rational side of my brain was all what the eff are you doing? put that shit down! I woke up anxious. It really was way more traumatic than it sounds.

Since it’s too late to make it to the bank, I suppose I’m going to just sit around in my PJs for a few more hours, watch some TV, perhaps read? Lazy weekends are the beeeest. I need to rest up because I’m on to week 3 of the C25k next week and I have to run 3 whole minutes without stopping, twice! I know that doesn’t sound like a big deal at all but I honestly don’t know if I can make it through. It just keeps getting harder! But I do seem to be down 5 pounds so it all balances out. 😀

PS, I want these shoes soooo. bad.

I didn’t really read into them too much to see if they’re even remotely vegan-friendly (I saw “synthetic” in the details but really was only skimming) because I definitely don’t have $100 to drop on new running shoes…but how fun do these look? Who wouldn’t want to run when they can put these suckers on their feet?

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4 thoughts on “weird sleep —> weird dreams

  1. I hate when I have dreams that are so real that it leaves me feeling icky. Lazy weekends ARE awesome! I’m having one myself too. Those are some cute running shoes. A lot of New Balance shoes are vegan so this one might be too.

    Have a great night!

    PS running 3 minutes straight is difficult for me. I hate running. I hate it. You’re doing much better than I could right now.

  2. This cracks me up cuz I often have dreams that I’m in a huge candy store, or in a place that has tables and tables of creamy, frosting-laden cakes and cookies. And I just want to eat it all! Crazy subconscious! PS running gets easier. And better. I promise.

    • I’m glad I’m not the only one! The dream felt so real. I still keep some non-vegan food items in my fridge (like cheese) for my boyfriend and I’m honestly afraid I’m going to sleep-eat one night.

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