guilt-free chocolate PB smoothie

(Points for me because the title of this post is so rhyme-y!)

I’m not having the happiest of weeks. I’m just generally feeling pretty blase about things. The couch to 5k is kicking my ass already and I’m only in week 2, work is boring, things are just ick all the way around. After barely making it through my workout this afternoon (I had to literally talk myself into even going to the gym at all–I knew if I skipped out today, I’d never make it back) all I wanted to do was eat take-out and chocolate.

Fortunately, I had a brilliant idea that would allow all of those things to happen, and more!, while still sticking to my healthy-diet-blah-blah. Chipotle vegan tacos and a homemade vegan chocolate peanut butter smoothie. Excuse me while I squeal in excitement. eeee!

I love smoothies. I have been having one every morning for breakfast since I got my new blender. But I have not experimented with unhealthy smoothies (or in this case, smoothies that sound unhealthy but aren’t). Everything has been pretty status quo thus far…fruit, kale, soy milk, I’ve been throwing some silken tofu in to mix things up–nothing unnaturally sweet and everything has been very nutritious.

But why oh why would I deprive myself of chocolate?

Behold: The Guilt-Free Vegan Chocolate PB Smoothie (omnivore-approved!)

1 banana
1 cup soymilk (or milk substitute of your choosing)
1 serving Nasoya silken tofu (about 1/5 package)
2 tbsp natural creamy peanut butter
2 tbsp cocoa powder
approx. 1 tsp vanilla extract
agave nectar to taste

Blend this sucker up and you’ve got yourself the healthiest of the smoothies with “chocolate” and “peanut butter” in their names! I initially left out the agave nectar but because the boyfriend and I were splitting this and he wasn’t thrilled with the lack of sweetness, I ended up putting just a little bit in. It wasn’t too sweet and it certainly hit the spot.

(no need for fancy presentation–the taste is big enough to hold its own)

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5 thoughts on “guilt-free chocolate PB smoothie

  1. I’ve been making something similar lately. Looks good!

    • Yum! What do you do differently? I’m all about improving my recipe–it was just something I quickly threw together!

      • Our recipes are mostly the same but I don’t use tofu, sometimes I’ll add more banana and a few frozen cherries. They give it extra sweetness. When I have banana’s already frozen I’ll use those instead. When most of the fruit is frozen it has a soft serve consistency. I like to change it up and I don’t really measure. When it needs extra sweetness I’ll use a little agave or maple syrup, but the cherries usually do the trick.

      • Yes, I should experiment with the frozen fruit thing. I make my morning smoothies when I get home from work the night before, freeze for a few hours, then pop in the fridge–so I haven’t really experimented with frozen fruit because it seems a little unnecessary given the circumstances. However! When I am making smoothies intended for immediate consumption, that would be a nice little bonus–this smoothie was a little bit runny and not very smoothie-like. (still wonderful though!)

  2. well it is hard to go wrong with peanut butter and chocolate! 😉

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