marshmallow madness

Have I mentioned that I have a really, really big sweet tooth?

No? Okay. I could eat cookies for every meal. If I somehow don’t have diabetes within the next 20 years, it would be nothing short of a miracle.

Okay, jokes aside. Diabetes isn’t a funny disease.

Today I was dying at work for some chocolatey goodness. Instead of sneaking out to Whole Foods to pick up a delicious (organic, vegan, fair trade) Theo bar, I let myself surf the web for a new vegan baking challenge. I had an absolutely delicious vegan Rocky Road cookie once, and I was pretty freakin’ determined to replicate that. First things first, I do not own Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar, mostly because my newfangled budget doesn’t allow for book-purchasing (or expensive vegan baking ingredient purchasing, but that’s another story), so I was quite disappointed to find, when surfing vegan blogs, that almost everyone references the Rocky Road cookie recipe but nobody types it out! I’ve decided that Isa’s fans are pretty stringent about her copyright because outside of the few recipes on the PPK, I have a really, really hard time locating any of her delicious recipes online. This should all be remedied soon, as I’ve been hinting pretty hard at the boyfriend that the cookie and/or cupcake books would be GREAT Valentine’s Day presents (okay, so we don’t celebrate V-Day, but that hasn’t stopped me from my not-so-subtle hints!)

But then, the heavens opened from above and the angels collectively sang “ahhhhhhh”, because I stumbled across this, a recipe adapted from the VCIYCJ recipe! Hallelujah!

So, on my lunch break, I set out to pick up a few necessities from Whole Foods, such as vegan marshmallows, vegan chocolate chips, and almond extract. I legitimately had no clue that marshmallows aren’t vegan (and technically, they’re not even vegetarian) until today. Most people know about gelatin but I must’ve been plugging my ears and “la la la!’ing for the past several years because I had no clue that marshmallows were also a no-no. The amount of s’mores I’ve eaten in recent years while still desperately trying to hang on to my fleeting youth! Blasphemy!

So, enter dandies. The verdict is that they taste almost like real marshmallows, but there was something still distinctly off to me. (However, after I took a whiff of the almond extract this recipe required, which smelled to me like black licorice [or, to drunks like me, Sambuca], my senses of smell and taste were off for quite a while.)

In the end, the recipe went off without a hitch. I subbed in walnuts in place of the peanuts (and to be honest, I didn’t use enough) and I think the only thing that could’ve made this better would have been the addition of vegan white chocolate chips (yes, chocolate on chocolate…on chocolate. I told ya I’ve got it bad).

The recipe yielded about 20 decently-sized (and sometimes a bit deformed) cookies, several of which have already been consumed. These effers are rich, though! Who knew chocolate could be so rich without the milk?

What is your absolute favorite dessert? (Previously, mine was cheesecake. I need to find an alternative now!)

also, one of my cats needed a shout-out. he’s adorable.

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