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I made the decision to not completely restock my makeup and beauty products all at one time, mostly because I am on a budget. I recently ran out of foundation and powder so now I’m on the market for some good-quality, cheap cruelty-free products. Obviously, in an ideal world, these products would also be vegan. For anyone who has made the decision to only use vegan, cruelty-free products, you will know that a) this is a huge undertaking that takes mucho research, and b) it is probably an expensive endeavor.

Some preliminary research has taught me that a) TIGI products are mostly cruelty-free, although some of their suppliers cannot be verified as cruelty-free. This is somewhat good because I still have half a bottle of Bed Head shampoo (but I’m out of conditioner). b) Revlon is largely cruelty-free, but again, their suppliers and the companies they partner with cannot say as much. Also good for me, because I use their eyeliner crayon (black-brown) every day. Of all the eyeliner crayons I’ve ever purchased, this one works the best for me. The thought of a lifetime without it makes me incredibly sad. It’s REALLY hard to find a good eyeliner crayon for cheap, and Walgreens often has BOGO half-off sales. Can’t beat that.

Also fantastic (but not cheap, unfortunately) is that most Urban Decay products are both cruelty-free AND vegan. I can’t run out and buy a tube of $20 mascara, but I do have quite a few eyeshadows of theirs. I don’t wear eyeshadow daily, but for special occasions, I ALWAYS wear their products. I am thrilled to find that I can continue to wear these guilt-free. Victorias Secret, too, is cruelty-free from what I gather, which is great because I use their body lotion. I actually use it in a scent that I think was discontinued (Halo) so I’ve been saving it for years and only using it when my skin is super dry. I’m glad I can continue onward with this.

The hard part is that I use Cover Girl foundation and powder. It is the drugstore go-to for me because it works the best on my skin of anything I’ve found and matches my skin tone as closely as I’ve found. I use a product for oily skin (my pores really excrete tons of oil…gross) and I’m in love with it. I don’t think CG is cruelty-free so I need to branch out now. This is the only product I’m in the market for today and I’m trying to decide what to do about this. While Revlon isn’t totally cruelty-free, of the drugstore brands, it might be the best quality. Almay is also cruelty-free from what I gather. I could look into that. Whatever I choose, it has to be widely available at mainstream stores–mostly because I have a gift card for Target so I plan on going there today. This will likely mean several minutes in the makeup aisle trying to match my ethics and finances to my choice. Yikes.

I also need to buy some conditioner…I hear Trader Joe’s has a pretty decent stock of cruelty-free haircare. I might make a pitstop there today as well.

As I’m prone to adult acne, I also can’t imagine a life without Clearasil products. Do you know of any good cruelty-free/vegan acne face products?

What are your favorite cruelty-free and/or vegan products?

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5 thoughts on “cruelty-free cosmetics

  1. I’m so happy to hear that you are finding cruelty free stuff within your budget. As for vegan acne face products, I used to use the products by Dan Kern and they were vegan (probably still are) and they worked well.

  2. Concerned Keeper says:

    I’m happy you’re checking this out now, b/c I made that same decision, and I’m almost out of my foundation, which is also CG. I decided to use up what I bought before I went vegan and then replace my stock bit by bit. It’s gonna be hard to find my color all over again in something that blends well, but I’m looking at it like a fun new adventure. I’ve been using the same makeup since I was 14, it’s probably time to experiment with something new anyway! I was so disappointed to find out CG wasn’t cruelty free (owned by evil Proctor & Gamble), but even more disappointed that vegans like Ellen, and formerly Drew Barrymore, would be spokes models for it! If normal people like us can cut cruelty out of our cabinets on our meager budgets, you would think celebrities already going veg would make the same commitment!

    • That’s a great point about celeb spokesmodels–I didn’t even think of that. I’m sure they don’t actually wear the products (I have a hard time believing someone as famous as Drew Barrymore is using drugstore cosmetics) but the fact that they’re willing to endorse it is kind of a slap in the face. I wonder if they’ve ever been under fire from fans for that–I’m gonna do some googling! 🙂

      Yeah, I’d been using CG for as long as I could remember. I wound up picking up Almay foundation and powder but found it interesting that none of the verbiage on the packaging makes mention of being a cruelty-free product. I’m not sure about the politics involved with that sort of declaration but it seems like something you’d want to promote on your packaging, right?

  3. thewronggirlwrites says:

    Hi, I don’t know if you can get these brands where you are but I mainly use these vegan products myself.

    Haircare: Original Source/Jason/Simple
    Skincare: Simple
    Make-up: Urban Decay has vegan products for the whole face, including an amazing eyeshadow palette.

    I’ve never had acne, but used to get pretty bad break-outs on my forehead and jawline. I’ve been vegan over a year, and genuinely think this has helped lessen the amount of pimples. I still get break outs but only mini ones. I use Simple brand face wash, Simple pore minimising cleansing toner. If the pimple is particularly bad, I steam my face over a basin of boiled water with a few drops of tea-tree, pat dry with a fresh face flannel and apply cane sugar with freshly squeezed lemon as an exfoliant. Squeaky clean vegan!

    This is an old post…I need to update.

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