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One of the great things about this dietary change is that I have leftovers for days. Days! So many of the recipes yield way more food than one person can eat in one sitting, and even though my boyfriend frequently eats what I cook, it’s just not enough to clean our plates. I know certain people (*cough* my boyfriend *cough*) are not a fan of leftovers, but to me, nothing is better because that means 1) I’m off the hook for a day as far as cooking goes and 2) I have a nice lunch to heat up at work instead of my pathetic and boring peanut butter sandwich I typically bring. Yes, sometimes I make something that I don’t really feel like eating for the next day, and that sucks. But you can make so many variations of things that the boringness-aspect of leftovers can easily be remedied!

Yesterday was an insane day of snow and horrible Chicago winter weather. We were released early from work and it took me two and a half hours to get home (normally a 45-minute drive). Insane. And it’s really a shame because once I finally got home, exited my car, and began the 3-block trek from the parking garage to my apartment, it was so peaceful and quiet and serene. Just 5 minutes prior, it was complete chaos–my wiper blades weren’t working properly and snow was freezing to ice on my windshield making it damn near impossible to see, the salt wasn’t working and nothing was plowed–but my 3-block walk was completely different. Beautiful falling snow.

It should come as no surprise that the weekend plans were ruined so I thought it would be fitting to break out the ole Sloppy Janes recipe for some much-needed comfort food. After my boyfriend and I each ate two heaping servings, I still have two medium-sized tupperware containers full of the stuff! The great thing is that this can be eaten on buns, it can be eaten alone, it can be eaten alongside a salad, it can even be used as dip on chips! Delicious.

Then this morning, I tried my hand at tofu scramble again. I know this is a vegetarian/vegan staple, but it’s still new to me so I did some experimenting in the kitchen. I added a touch of cayenne and cumin (in place of curry powder, which I’m not a fan of) to the only recipe I’ve played with so far. I also added some soy crumbles, and since my boyfriend was very uninterested in chowing down on this, I now have a big tupperware container of leftovers. The cumin inspired me–tomorrow I’ll fasten this into some breakfast tacos (not burritos because the soft shells I have aren’t big enough, but that’s okay! I’ll be flexible!). There is so much room to be creative with leftovers, really!

Unfortunately the snow has prohibited me from making the 45-minute drive to the organic/vegan bakery I wanted to check out today. That’s quite alright. I have some progress to make with my Women Food and God discussion notes for my yoga + book club tomorrow night.

What do you like to do when you’re snowed in?

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