let it snow.

Well, the Chicagoland area is getting pummeled by some delayed snowfall and it has made for an interesting 24 hours.

I didn’t have time to write yesterday and I broke some of my rules (namely, the not-drinking-on-weekdays rule) but I decided yesterday’s incident could easily be considered an extenuating circumstance. On my way to work, I got a flat tire (on the highway). Having never had a flat before, I didn’t realize it for a while. I had to call my boyfriend to ask him for help (I was only about 5 miles from work and no one I know is anywhere near there to help me–I’m fortunate that my boyfriend’s work isn’t too terribly far from mine). What seemed like it would be an easy fix turned into an hour-long nightmare. Apparently, I don’t get my tires rotated enough, so the tire was frozen to the wheel well. He couldn’t get the tire out and I don’t have AAA or roadside assistance so we had to call the non-emergency police… jesus. So the guy came and was very nice, hammered the tire out and we got the spare on, all was good. At this point, my boyfriend decided to call into work because for his line of work, it’s better that he miss an entire day than come in late (something about his daily quotas…not sure). SO, since he wasn’t going to work anyway, we decided to switch cars and that way he could take mine to get a new tire put on.

I pulled out of the shoulder and continued on my way to work without checking my phone until I exited the highway. Six missed calls and one frantic voicemail–get this, after I drove away, he went to start the car and the battery was dead. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? So I went to call him back and his phone was going straight to voicemail. Shit! I thought his phone had died, too. I finally got a hold of him and I guess the highway patrol helper had to come back and jump the car. Oh man. Long story short, it was an expensive day–but my mechanic was awesome. Turns out, I didn’t need a new battery yet, the car just died because I left the lights on during the whole tire debacle. Instead of being a slimy mechanic and installing a new battery anyway (like most would to make an extra buck), he was straight with me and didn’t do it. I really love my mechanic. It’s so hard to find an honest one, especially in this economy, and his kindness was much appreciated after the craziness that was yesterday. I’m only $188 in the hole instead of the assumed $400+. πŸ™‚

Then today, the snow hit. All day I was trapped in the office worried about my drive home. I made a big mistake by taking the highway home (thinking the roads would be more clear)–no. Ridiculous stop-and-go traffic for 45 minutes. By the time I exited the highway and was halfway home, it was already 4:45–the time I am usually home. Finally, at 5:20, I pulled into my street, which had yet to be plowed, planning on parking in the funeral home. I was told when I moved in that, because there’s no lot for this building and because my landlord’s family has owned these two properties for 100 years, they’d struck a deal with the funeral home and we’re allowed to park there. I normally park on the street but obviously, with all the snow, I was planning on parking in the lot. Well. It hadn’t been plowed and was closed off by traffic cones. Are. You. Kidding. Me. Luckily I just noticed that the parking garage 3 blocks down is 24-hours (and free), but considering my luck, I didn’t think there’d be any spots. I was lucky enough to find one, but now I have to live in fear of someone fucking with my car overnight AND I have to wake up super early and strap on my winter boots to walk 3 blocks at 6:45 tomorrow morning. Cool. Let me tell you, having not been prepared for all this snow today, walking 3 blocks in ankle-deep snow wearing heels and no socks is NOT delightful in the least.

I’m trying to find a bright side but it’s definitely getting harder…at least tomorrow is Friday.

In the wake of this car/snow catastrophe, instead of cooking something interesting and not-processed (like that damn squash that’s still sitting on my counter staring at me…) I came home yesterday and whipped together a vegan pizza and had two beers. As punishment for breaking my rule, I will be avoiding alcohol one day this weekend. I just don’t need the extra calories!

The pizza was okay…better than it looked, that’s for sure. This was my first rendez-vous with vegan “cheese” and it wasn’t that bad! It just wasn’t very melty and thus, the presentation of the pizza was a little bit lacking. Next time I make a vegan pizza, I think I’ll try to make my own crust and my own sauce instead of buying the pre-made stuff…although the pizza sauce I did use (which was organic) was DELICIOUS. I added some dried oregano, fresh minced garlic, and hot pepper flakes. It was spicy and delicious. My boyfriend found it to be a little too spicy for him, but I love spicy. If I haven’t broken into a sweat and my mouth isn’t burning by the end of consuming stir fry or pizza, I’m just not satisfied. πŸ™‚

Tonight I wanted to cook something simple but satisfying so I decided on breakfast for dinner and made some tofu scramble (with nutritional yeast, fresh minced garlic, a sprinkle of cajun seasoning and chile powder, and a little bit of turmeric, plus veggies of course) and it was great. No pictures for that one. After trudging home in the snow, I couldn’t be bothered to make it look nice or snap any pictures.

So off to bed I go. Tomorrow is a new day. And to add to my bucket list, I need to learn how to change a god damn tire! I felt so helpless and I normally pride myself on my independence. Being completely at the mercy of others on the shoulder of the highway during morning rush hour traffic is simply not acceptable.

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2 thoughts on “let it snow.

  1. That sucks! It’s the only thing I don’t miss about Chicago. It once took me over 3 hours to get home from Brookfield in a snowstorm on 294 πŸ™‚

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