Ms. Bright Side

Today, I have a lot to be in a bad mood about, but bearing in mind one of the most important non-resolutions I made this year, I am trying to see the bright side—even if the dark is only thinly-veiled by my new super-cool rose-colored glasses.

  • I woke up 40+ minutes late today

This left me with approximately 20 minutes to get ready, which was really unfortunate because I had actually planned on waking up a bit earlier today to 1) take an alternate route to avoid the Illinois toll hike, and 2) make some oatmeal with berries and almond milk and actually sit down and eat breakfast instead of eating during my commute. Both of these efforts failed when I saw 6:37 flashing on the clock. I can also count on two fingers the amount of times I’ve slept in since entering the professional world, and I am extremely ashamed (but at least I made it to work on time).

  • I couldn’t sleep last night

This was likely for a number of reasons, one being that I slept in for five glorious days and couldn’t get back in the swing of things. The other was that I was side-tracked because Office Space is now on Netflix instant. The third was that, after watching Office Space, I started to really dread returning to work this morning. Bummer.

  • Tolls increased today by 87% in the great state of Illinois

I hit four tolls a day if I take the fastest route available to me, which means I will now take the fast route in the morning to make it to work on time and take the slow route home, turning my homeward-bound commute into approximately an hour instead of 45 minutes, which will undoubtedly increase my road rage and chance of accidents. Ugh. Also, I’ll be paying the same in tolls as I was when I was taking the fast route in both directions. The toll hike is essentially stealing 15 minutes from my life each day.

  • My health insurance monthly premium skyrocketed

Up until Jan 1, I was enjoying an $11-per-paycheck PPO plan. Now it’s more like $67-per-paycheck. Now I have to find a way to displace that lost income. If only I had a marketable talent to sell on the side…

  • My apartment was freezing last night and I now live in fear of the monthly gas bill

Nothing more to say on that topic. Living in a 100-year old historic building is pretty cool…except as far as utilities are concerned. And bugs. Namely, centipedes.

But now, for the bright side!

  • Today feels like Monday when it’s actually Tuesday!
  • My Outlook calendar is as empty as it’s been in the past year!
  • I have a new perspective that is allowing me to trick myself into thinking today doesn’t suck!
  • I have a fridge full of healthy food to start off the new year right!
  • I have plans to see good friends this weekend!
  • It only took me 20 minutes to wade through my 71 unread emails this morning!
  • Tax season will be upon us soon and I should be getting a pretty killer refund!
  • My car started this morning, which, in this freezing-ass Chicago weather, is in and of itself a miracle!
  • I’ve already made it through half of the work day and have only wanted to shoot my brains out once!

Hello, bright side.

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